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Virgo Vs The Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG coming to PC, Mac and Linux. The game features traditional turn based combat with a twist: Guarding, countering and timing your actions carefully as well as trying to predict your enemies moves will greatly help on Virgo's twisted cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance. In this galaxy where every action means a reaction, you'll play as Virgo, the Holy Queen, or so-called Dreadful Queen, bringing mayhem to the Zodiac Realms and leaving on your way a trail of stardust in Virgo's rage against the Heretics.

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Install instructions

Press F4 to go full screen, F5 to restart and F3 to see the game in its native resolution.

1. Download and unzip the 'VvtZ_v0.1.7.rar' and save the folder 'VvtZ_v0.1.7'  onto your computer.

2. Inside the folder 'Virgo' there is application called 'Game.exe'. Run this application to play the game, and go purge some Heretics!

For MAC and Linux users: To play you'll have to download the Windows Version and play it on Browser (it works only on Firefox). Go on the folder www and open the archive index.html with Firefox! You'll be able to save the game normally, so don't worry! If you find any bugs, please let me know on: abductedious@gmail.com

The native Mac and Linux versions will be launched only for the final  game.

NOTE: The game is still in Alpha phase and this is an early development demonstration of the game. You may find some bugs that I'll try to fix asap! I recommend at least 2 GB of free ram in order to run Virgo Vs The Zodiac.

Any weird bugs? Can't open the game? The game crashed out of
nowhere? Email abductedious@gmail.com and please let me know your PC specs!


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VvtZ_v0.1.7.rar 101 MB
OLD demo v0.1.6 99 MB
OLD demo v0.1.6 / ZIP 107 MB

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Will the full game come to itch?



I was having a problem with my paypal, that is hopefully solved now >XD It should be coming to Itch this month if nothing extraordinary happens.

oh nice. Thank you.

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To all those who pass by, the game had a steam release and boy was it wonderful. I have never had so much fun purging heratics before playing this game. The cast of charecters is amazing, the story is so gosh darn captivating, the worlds you explore are amazing *special ephasis on The Lands Of Taurus*, i spend two hours just wandering about talking to the denizens of the land, playing games at the fair, it reminded me of the begining if chrono trigger...honestly guys, who ever made this, you made art. This game is epic. The turn based battle with quick time powerhuts kept me in my tows. I play with Keyboard, but i'd recomend a controller. This game is just...i dunno how to say man. It hit the zone. It pains me a lot because i know once i finish it, i shall never be able to experiance such an experiance ever again.

Thank you so much devolopers, this game is like eating the best cookie on the entire planet...oh crap, thats another heresy right 

Honestly its criminal that this game isnt more popular. In my eyes, its up there, with ur final fantasies and Chrono trigger and Fables ugh...just stop reading this, and buy the damn game aldredy !

I followed the development of this on tumblr for a while, and wow, it really turned out looking good! very excited to get off steam!


Hi there,

I need to ask, why do you use a platform like Itch to advertise your game and only release it on Steam when complete? Do you believe the boomers of the gaming industry that adding DRM somehow prevents pirates from distributing you game or is there a more technical reason behind all of this?


Hello! It'll be added to Itch at some point, probably sooner than later! In fact I just wanted to focus on launch to get the game more marketed in Steam, and then release on Itch later, but I'm not against DRM free lol

I would understand this answer if I was asking for an XBOX1 port of a PS4 game, but we're talking about taking a game from one PC distributor to another PC distributor. Hell, this is Itch, most games you download here are just zipped :p

I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear. I didn't mean to say I had to do a port of the game to post on Itch, just that I wanted to give some time before posting on itch so I could focus on marketing the game on Steam before putting in another store. It also ensures the game comes to Itch with most of the bugs fixed, which is better to anyone buying here.

OK, guess I'll wait. BTW, Degica will allow you to publish the game yourself on Itch? I'm just asking because they never go with a DRM-Free option (Itch and GOG for example).

Two years ago, still no Itch.

On one hand, I guess I get it- got make at least $100 a  month on Steam or they don't send you a payout. OTOH, maybe that means we should try and send people to itch and stop using steam to sell games

Hello, thanks for your game, i had a lot of fun playing it.

Combat  feels wery fresh and entertaining, i love these quick time events. Music is awesome! 

Plot is questionable. I dont know for that im fighting for, and  there are some of the plot twist what i dont like.

However i like dialogue and characters. Character design wery good.

Jokes are pretty fun, for real, i love humor in this game.

I will be happy if new endings  appear.

I would be looking forward your new performance!

About game game popularity on PC.

On youtube i cant find barely any  videos (only streams records with small view count) about your game, you can try give free keys to some small-medium indie-game and other game channels to promote these cool game.


Sorry for my poor english and happy new year to you

Happy new year!

Actually I sent a bunch of keys for streamers, but they don't care for my game much. I'm depending entirely in word of mouth and help from fans to get the word out about my game! It's actually also launched in Steam the full game, and it's in promo now for 20% off! It has translation to japanese and chinese too. Check here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/920320/Virgo_Versus_The_Zodiac/


Can you release the full version here on Itch? Preferably for free?



I'm considering about putting here on Itch, but probably would take a little while!

Also please don't ask for free stuff for developers, this is extremely uncomfortable to look at after spending 3 years working on my game.

I saw this was releasing on Steam soon and thought I would give the demo a shot. It's pretty good so far! The combat feels great, the Earthbound humor is there, and the music is to die for. If you're unsure on whether to get Virgo when it releases, definitely give this a shot. It's a nice vertical slice of gameplay. 

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When I saw this game was getting a full version on Steam, I almost cried because I was so immersed during the demo. The music really got me pumped to play, and it feels like part dungeon-crawler, part RPG. Playing as anti-hero Virgo creates some *interesting* encounters, for sure, but I am glad there are choices you can make to spare certain characters and put your own decisions and personality into the game. The story has a shocking but surprisingly balanced mix of dark but humorous moments, and I loved the fantasy and worldbuilding elements. Definitely will be first in line for the final release! I wonder how long the gameplay will be? Though, I must admit I'm not looking forward to the proposed "harder combat," as I was playing on stress-free and still had a bit of a tough time with the final bosses. The combat system is very unique and well-thought-out. A little complicated at first, but I was grateful that the game gives you more tips and info as you progress. It felt very easy to grasp new concepts and try them out as I went along. It was a great way to have a tutorial but also have players try out their own thing! I'm also looking forward to meeting the other looming characters, especially Gemini because that's my birth sign...

Streamed your game and I really enjoyed the combat, the story is intriguing and the characters are lovable! I don't wanna be that guy, but it reminded me of Dark Souls, because of the whole parrying thing. I love that checking every little thing has different dialogue and the choices aspect is really neat. I cannot wait for the full release!

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I really enjoyed your game, pixel art is beautiful and the story and mechanics are unique and interesting. Can't wait for a full release for this one.

Really enjoyed this game!  If you like quirky JRPGs, you should check it out (and the crowdfunding campaign too!).

Hallo, I have a question about how the game world works.

OK, so planets, stars and constellations are people in this game. It is confirmed that Spica will be a party member. Spica is a star that is part of Virgo. Does that mean he is a part of her body? I tried to read something about all of this and I came to the following statement, that sounds complete insane to me.

" I fight an enemy and a part of my body, for example my arm, fights together with me. But both, me and my arm, are complete people. Because both, a person without arm and an arm without body, cannot fight very good."

Could you please explain this.

Memory leak confirmed - you can observe it growing in task manager while nothing is happening in-game.

Yes, the new version of the demo does have that problem unfortunately =( We're fairly near the full release, so we won't be working on the rpgmaker build anymore (since we're working with game maker for around 1 year and a half by now and I can't remember much of the stuff anymore xD).


Hi, first of all game is fun. I enjoyed the variety of weapons and gears a lot. I also love the music, I definitely want to listen to it while I work. But there is still a few things that bothers me:

1.  I cannot eat the "Options brownie" thus I cannot change the difficulty. Every time I try to use the brownie, a error message pops up and the game freezes (I can still reset with F5), the message title is "TypeError" and the message body is "Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined".

2. Menu text size is so small. Some of the text of the in-game menu is so small and hard to read. If I go fullscreen the text just becomes blurry and still hard to read. Maybe it would be better if the menu text size is consistent with dialogue text or make the text stay sharp in fullscreen mode.

3. The textbox that shows up in the middle of the screen when transit to a different area is blurry.

4. Will the final version of the game have matching sprite and dialogue art? In the demo the character sprite and dialogue art looks differently. What I mean is after Capricorn lost her crown her dialogue art still wears a crown, and when Virgo turns "purple" her dialogue art is still green. I understand that it would be a lot of effort to draw a different art for each character state, but it will look so nice and atmospheric if the dialogue art actually "changes" regarding to in-game events.

Hey guys,
only a little way into the game and really liking it.
Has a very semi-professional feel, and the music reminds me of starcraft and early 00's games for some reason.
Couple of things:
* I believe there is a massive memory leak issue. I don't know what's causing it but the game crashed and windows complained about there not being enough memory. Of course, with the game gone, the memory looked to be freed up.
* The mouse-button-hold navigating is the most intuitive, but the blinking where the cursor is is pretty distracting. I would remove it.
* The menus are pretty unintuitive - you expect to be able to click on a setting to change it - in fact you have to click on a setting menu - twice, then click on a setting.
* Clicking on 'defaults' in the settings set the music very high (higher than when the game began).
* Dialogue is a pain to sit through when you die and reload, so I would advise autosaves on most rooms, then optional user-saves.
* Graphics are great, but inconsistent - ideally I would want the res of the graphics to match the res of the dialogue images - it feels weird by contrast. Either reducing the res of the dialogue or doubling the res of the in-game graphics would be great.
* WASD as well as arrows would be appreciated.

Graphics, rewarding of exploration, light whimsical tone and interesting-but-not-overcomplicated combat is much appreciated. Will be interested to see how the rest of it pans out, if I can get through the crashes :)



I'm glad you like the game! :D The music was initially inspired by Starcraft, actually!

- The memory leak issue was noted by some people, but unfortunately we won't be updating the build until release since we're fairly near release now and we moved to Game Maker, making it a bit hard to go back to RPG Maker now to fix those issues (and eating up time of development of the full game). I hope you managed to play irregardless, and I think you can download the older version? I'm not sure now.

- The mouse button hold was a in built feature of the engine I was using (RPG Maker), now it's on Game Maker and there's no mouse connectivity, only keyboard or controler (xbox/dualshock etc).

- The menus were all redone, you can check on the Steam page now that it's more intuitive, with useful information for each little stat and skill. This menu was got from a plugin for RPG Maker and not coded by me, now it's custom made for the game's features.

- Music volumes and sfx volumes were fixed.

- You can save before each scene or at any moment really and there is a try again option right inside the battle. Any more improvements on that won't be done, since it's already pretty easy to navigate on the game and there's little punishment with the try again feature.

- Graphics will stay as they are, since they were thought out like that from the beginning of the development and we're almost nearing its end. Some people noted on that, but that won't be changed, since it's a preference of mine, and also many games did that in the past as well. For a future game, who knows? Thank you for noting!

- WASD was added and you can remap almost any keys in the game.

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! Please do wishlist the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/920320/Virgo_Vs_The_Zodiac/?beta=1

Hello, I have played the game (just finished it now). I'm here to say it's an amazing work, please keep it up! I loved the sprites from the characters (not gonna lie, I wished the entire game was with that beautiful art haha) and every character looks amazing.

Music is amazing, the feeling of a challenging game and the song works perfectly together.

Graphics: Art is awesome, i love the simple graphics of the game, it's what make this game unique i think, keep up the good job.

Gameplay: The difficult is fair, for me. But the last boss on the demo looks a little too random when she uses the double cast ability. I died so many times because I used Block on the first two, and then she explodes the earth two times dealing 55 more damage on two hits (with is an instant death).  The movement seems a little too heavy, sometimes I press the button for a little and the character walks one more step than i want (not a real problem but sometimes that makes me go to a different screen and fight someone or activate a cutscene). The status looks a little messy when you try to understand it on the first time, I finished the demo and I still don't know what some status are or what are their purpose :P  Also, it's good to put an advice on the commands (when you start the game) or use the dinosaur to explain you can press S to save, because I only know that after seen someone asking on this site.  I didn't saw any bugs in the game, only the movement who looks a little weird like I said, and one of the bosses from the demo who looks really random, I like the difficult but the entire battle after the sword dies is a RNG thing. I saw on prints of the game that the color of her clothes can change, but I tried many different items from the demo and the color was still green, is that something about the status ? (you should explain that if it's the case :3) just changing the equips can change the color? that didn't work for me, or it's just not showed on the demo, but it's ok.

Suggestion: A better explanation on the status/buffs and debuffs would be amazing.

Inventory and equips are simple to navigate, and the items are well explained for me.

The map is not confusing at all, someone like me who love to walk around, talk to every single snowman, block of ice, NPC, etc... Its really fun to see all those dialogues in so different ways. By the way I don't know if it was on purpose but I feel a reference on "Sullyvan" from the monsters S.A movie, I can be wrong but it's the same name and in a factory, come on xD.

Well that's it, i'll definitely recommend this game to my friends. Please tell me you gonna launch this game on steam, i'm will be happy to write a full review on steam when the game releases. Keep up the good work, love the art and the game ❤.

Love the game but the final boss will kill me from full hp in 1 turn.

Hey I have a few questions!



Secondly where do I find a combat tutorial and stuff?

You press S to save! To open the menu you have to press X or the ESC key! To access the game tutorial, you go to the menu, go into the bag tab, go into key items and you'll see the Manual, where you can access any game information and also shortcuts! I hope this helps!

Thanks! I like this game, however its quite hard understanding the game play and how to fight/utilize stuff, hoping something on the main menu will help so I can further enjoy the game :P

Now that we moved to Game Maker there's a bunch of improvements on the menu to help people understand the game's stats and overall gameplay, so hopefully that will help you a ton when the full game is launched! :D

Hi there. I got informed about this game through Fig, but Fig doesn't let you comment or ask questions unless you back the project. The Fig page only lists Windows and Mac. Has Linux been dropped for the full game? I won't back unless there's a Linux version, and not as a stretch goal. We always get burned by developers not keeping their promises.

I actually forgot to add Linux on the Campaign Page, it was a little crazy on the release day, but it's already updated and yes, the game will be launched to Linux as well, it's confirmed, don't need to worry about that! I'm sorry for the mistake!

Wonderful, thank you so much! If the campaign is still open, I'll go back it!

The campaign is open until september 28th! :3 I hope to see you there, there's a lot of cool rewards! /o/

I put my money in! :)

I love this game! Very different from regular rpg gaming and a very interesting growth mechanic. I. Want. More.

Thank you so much!! You can actually buy the full game and donate to get some cool rewards (and beta access) on the Crowdfunding Page! The campaign will end in 28th september! https://www.fig.co/campaigns/virgo-vs-the-zodiac

omg love the game! the art and story is great!!

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you liked it! There's a crowdfunding campaign up if you want to buy the game or donate to get cool goodies (and beta access during development!): https://www.fig.co/campaigns/virgo-vs-the-zodiac

Love the art! :)


Thank you so much!! There's a crowdfunding campaign up if you want to buy the game or donate to get cool goodies (and beta access during development!): https://www.fig.co/campaigns/virgo-vs-the-zodiac

Hey there! So far this game is fantastic and deserves so much more attention. Right off the bat, the music pulled me right in, and the art style drew me in even further. The characters are all unique and awesome in their own way. The combat flows so smoothly, I adore it.

With such a stellar demo (so far), I'm expecting amazing things from you in the future in regards to this game. I have no doubts that it'll go on to be a huge success. 

I hope you don't mind, but I've started a short let's play series based off the game's demo. 

Cheers and best of luck with the game!

Well Guess I will be Playing more of this beauty.

Hello! Thank you for your let's play of Virgo, it helps a lot in spreading the word about the game ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Looks so good, I cant wait to download the whole version! YouTube Channel here and I'm in love with this concept!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! A full version might be up next year, but I'm not so sure yet, development is a intriguing process. A upcoming campaign will be held around mid august, if you're interested in helping the game development in the future follow (if not already) to check further announcements!

After knowing that the qualities are linked to all aspect of the game,I start to feel allodoxaphobia and thrilled.But I do think it is a great idea and the game could be epic when it comes out.l

Not sure about the "allodoxaphobia" part, but I'm glad you liked the concept of the game!

I will probably launch this game next year, not so sure yet. A crowdfunding campaign will be held around mid august, if you're interested in maybe helping the full project come to life! Thank you!









Are you ok, are you alive, have you survived Capricorn? Got the crown?

This is outstanding! I adore the color scheme and the story. I had a wonderful time with the demo and I'm looking forward to the full release. You have done an truly wonderful job! ^_^ 

Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled that you liked it!

I will probably launch this game next year, not so sure yet. A crowdfunding campaign will be held around mid august this year, if you're interested in maybe helping the full project come to life! I will be announcing here and in social media! Thank you again! <3

Damn awesome

Thank you! Glad you liked it! ;)

This is a really solid game! We're only about 20 minutes into it, but this is something we definitely want to make a full series about on our channel! The art is beautiful and the wordplay gave us a hearty case of the giggles! We'll be stopping by every now and then to give our feedback as we progress through the game.

We made a video of our experiences and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed your game!

Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled that you liked it! I think I answered you guys on youtube, but I had so much fun I thought I should answer here as well! Great videos, really, that Ginger voice is going to be canon, CANON

Thank you!!!

Just so you guys know: I will probably launch this game next year, not so sure yet. A crowdfunding campaign will be held around mid august this year, if you're interested in maybe helping the full project come to life! I will be announcing here and in social media! Thank you again! <3

We had a ton of fun picking this game back up! We still can't believe this is just an Alpha version of the game when it feels like a fully fleshed out game!

Finally i got around to making a video on this beautiful game

Thank you for playing Virgo and recording it, it was really fun to watch!

Just so you know: I will probably launch this game next year, not so sure yet. A crowdfunding campaign will be held around mid august this year, if you're interested in maybe helping the full project come to life! I will be announcing here and in social media! Thank you again! <3

This game looks absolutely beautiful, the music is outstanding, and the gameplay is pretty fun so far, I can't wait to play some more tomorrow and I can't wait to see what more  could come to this game! 

Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled that you liked it! Just watched your vid and it was great! It's awesome seeing streamers/youtubers as you can check how your game plays out. Thank you again! ;)

Just so you know: I will probably launch this game next year, not so sure yet. A crowdfunding campaign will be held around mid august this year, if you're interested in maybe helping the full project come to life! I will be announcing here and in social media!

This game is beautiful, and you should be proud.

Since it takes quite the bit of game time to finish I took the liberty of making it into a series I will release an episode every day if possible.

I did not find any bugs whatsoever, the music is great, the Fights feel very unique thanks to the stats system, You have made an interesting game, and I really hope to see more. And to help spread the name a bit more.

"So saturn is fat and with glasses" << I laughed SO HARD! >XD

I had SO MUCH FUN watching you play,  really, it was so fun, so fun! It's always great seeing people play, specially for mapping and the battles, since I can understand people's difficulties better!
The demo did turn out longer than I expected, I polished it so much it became gigantic =(( It's 1 hour and a half of gameplay, btw, but I think you already know that?

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the game, and I'll send kudos to my musicians! As for the full game, it will probably be launched next year, but I can't specify yet! In august/september there'll be a crowdfunding campaign for the game, so if you liked it please consider donating to help bring the project to life! :33

No, I should thank you, It has been a while since i got so much into a game, I really loved your game and I am rooting for you :) And yes, I usually take around an hour per game to record, but by the time i realized it took me like an hour and a half, and I still didn't finish it, so I sat down to play more and record, I am doing a full playthrough and I am happy you like it, I will probably even go back to the jumping space stage thingie and explore a bit more (and farm so i can re-record the fight with capricorn since she wooped my sweet behinds)

I will try to get money to support ya with the crowfunding campaing (It's quite hard to get $USD around here in my country you see...) as well as spreading the name of the game for ya :) really, you deserve a well earned praise, this game is awesomely polished, and has so many details you can get into it and love it almost inmediately.

Keep being awesome :) With love, vize.

Was this made in RPG Maker MV?



Great game since there aren't many RPG like this one recent days!

Thank you! Glad you like it!


It could be an Epic game once it gets better graphics and less crash.Also,I think the ability to skip a turn during battle is necessary.(btw,I wonder how does this pixel game drain so much memory of my computer)

This is the final art of the game and won't be changed ;) Adding skip a turn is doable and I'll consider it! Also, could you specify to me your PC specs and where crashes are most likely to happen?

Well,my computer is using win10 32-bit system with 2GB memory.And the crash usually appear to make the computer laggy then shut down the game,sometimes the game screen go black with error report.

Will record later and upload a vid or two, depending on the duration of the game, but... this looks amazing.

its a great game it just crashes a lot

Hello! Could you specify where these crashes happen and how often? Also send me your specs so I can try and fix it!

Love this game! Cant wait to see it released!

Thank you! It's probably coming out late 2018, but I can't specify.